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Telephone / video consultation

Telephone / video consultation with an experienced medical specialist for patients and / or relatives (video consultations will be launched from 5 April 2022). Including any e-prescription for medication.

Kr 1750

Referral laboratory tests

Referral to blood sampling and other laboratory tests, including conversation with a doctor and follow-up of findings.

Kr 250

Referral radiology

Referral to X-ray, CT examination or MRI examination, including consultation with a doctor and follow-up of findings.

Kr 750

Referral specialist health service

Simple referral to a specialist health service, including a conversation with a doctor.

Kr 850

Radiological assessments

New radiological assessment costs NOK 850 per assessment. This includes statements from our highly skilled specialists.

Kr 950


Alternative 1:

1 consultation, blood sampling and follow-up.

199 per month

Alternative 2:

2 consultations, blood sampling and follow-up.

299 per month

Alternative 3:

2 consultations, 1 hour of specialist assesment, blood sampling and follow-up.

499 per month

Hourly rate for specialist assessment

If a specialist statement is required, the case will be forwarded to a specialist in the relevant medical field. This includes any referral for X-ray examination, MRI, CT or laboratory examinations – and referrals to the preferred treatment site if applicable. Specialist assessments of less complicated cases will rarely exceed one hour of work.

Kr 2350 per hour

Medical specialist legal work

We provide expert assessments in connection with compensation cases.

Kr 2900 per hour