Our specialists - Medpartner

Not one, but numerous specialists

We have several medical specialists in our network, with specialist expertise in various fields. Many specialists see that the need for a new medical assessment is often present, and therefore want to contribute.

Only reputable medical specialists

We have hand-picked specialists who are very skilled in their fields. Extensive experience in the health care system has given us a strong professional network of colleagues we can recommend. We therefore know that our specialists have delivered good results over many years.

Most fields areas are covered

As of today, our specialists cover well over 20 fields in medicine. We have specialists in orthopedics, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, general medicine, neurosurgery, gastrosurgery, urology, skin diseases, digestive diseases, geriatrics, vascular surgery, and ear-nose-throat diseases.

Team of our specialists

Eugen Eide

Dr. Eugen Eide

Specialist in orthopedics

Dr. Eugen Eide is a specialist in orthopedic and general surgery with a branch specializing in injury surgery from Germany. Chief physician Eide has been associated with Volvat Stokkan (formerly: Klinikk Stokkan) since 2001 and has worked full time at the clinic since 2005.

From 1993 to 2005, he was chief physician and section chief physician at the orthopedic department at St. Olav’s hospital. Dr. Eide’s specialties are arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery and hand surgery. He has published several scientific articles and has been a guest lecturer at several congresses and courses both nationally and internationally.

Eide is considered to be one of Norway’s most experienced hand surgeons and was chairman of the Norwegian Association for Hand Surgery in the period 2000–2004.

Martin Turzer, spesialist i onkologi

Martin Turzer

Specialist in oncology

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Eirik Kjøbli

General surgeon and urologist

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John Olav Stokke

Specialist in orthopedic surgery

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Dr. Ante Kalstad, spesialist i ortopedi

Ante Kalstad

Specialist in orthopedics

Dr. Ante Kalstad has practiced as a doctor since 2004. He is a specialist in orthopedic surgery and has broad professional experience. He is employed by the Norwegian Armed Forces Sanitary, where he has carried out several foreign assignments to war zones.

He works on a daily clinical basis as chief physician at the orthopedic department, St Olav’s Hospital and is affiliated with Volvat Stokkan in Trondheim. His main professional focus is on orthopedic trauma surgery and foot surgery. He lectures on national courses in orthopedic surgery, has research experience, and has served on the board of the Norwegian Orthopedic Association.

Dr. Roar Pedersen

Specialist in radiology

Roar Pedersen is a specialist in radiology and a subspecialist in musculoskeletal radiology. He has worked in private radiology for 20 years and focused especially on musculoskeletal radiology. He has for many years taught and held courses in the field, and is particularly interested in acute and chronic injuries related to exercise and sports. In addition, he has extensive experience as an expert in complaints, and with his commitment to quality improvement, he has gained cutting-edge expertise in assessing whether radiological descriptions and images provide the information the patient needs to clarify his problem.

“Some of the assessments we radiologists make can change the course for patients. If the diagnosis is correct, it is good, but if it is wrong, it can have undesirable consequences and a longer course of the disease than necessary. “

Dr. Kamysheva

Specialist in internal medicine

Dr. Kamysheva is specializes in internal medicine with subspecialization in digestive diseases and geriatrics. She also has extensive experience from general medicine, emergency medicine, emergency room interaction with specialist health services and patient care. She has a medical doctorate and professorship in community medicine. Dr. Kamysheva has practiced in Norway as a doctor since 2002, with several years in chief physician positions at both the University Hospital in Northern Norway and Bærum Hospital.

Dr. Kamysheva is very concerned about close interaction between the specialist health services and good treatment processes.

Dr. Dag Arild Aamodt Strand, spesialist i anestesiologi

Dr. Dag Arild Aamodt Strand

Specialist in anaesthesiology

Dag A. Aamodt Strand is a specialist in anaesthesiology with a side education in internal medicine. He has worked at the Oslo Emergency Room, Rikshospitalet and Bærum Hospital, where he completed his specialist education in 2004. After completing his specialist education, he worked for five years as chief physician at the anesthesia department at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål. In addition to many years of work in the health service, Dag has been very active in the role of volunteer doctor in the Red Cross Auxiliary Corps.

For the past twelve years, Dag has worked at Volvat Medical Center in Trondheim, where he alone is responsible for anesthesia for Volvo’s largest operating department in Norway. Through his work as an anesthesiologist, he has had extensive collaboration with all specialist clinical departments, which has led to a unique medical expertise and understanding of the health care system.

“I want to help ensure that patients, regardless of where they are in the treatment process, receive the right treatment of high quality.”