Revisit and review your medicaments - Medpartner

Per dags dato har Medpartner hjulpet mange pasienter med en fornyet vurdering av sine helseplager ved hjelp av spisskompetanse-spesialister, slik at de får riktig hjelp i møte med helsevesenet. Nå utvider Medpartner tilbudet ved å tilby grundige medikamentgjennomganger utført av dyktige farmasøyter i samarbeid med indremedisinere.

When you are at your doctor’s appointment, it is often that you receive new medicaments for your health struggles. Often they are given to test out or remove various symptoms for a shorter or longer period of time. They are also often given by different doctors within different medical fields. However, how often do your doctor ask you if you need all these meds? How often does he say, you do not have to take these anymore, I am removing your prescription?

Often new meds are added every time we see a doctor. Hardly any medications are actually being removed or reviewed by the doctors. This is bad for your health and sometimes if mixed they can give symptoms that wouldn’t necessarily be there.

We are now pleased to say that we are going to cooperate with Eitr to start a medication review for patients who feel they use too many medications and want a honest review of whether or not it is necessary. This is something that we are very pleased to do, and no alternative option is given in Norway or perhaps in the world.

Do you want to review your medication? Please call us or send us an email and we will contact you within 24 hours.