Who is Medpartner? - Medpartner

Dag Aamodt Strand is a doctor and specialist in anesthesiology with 25 years of experience from the public and private health service in Norway. Together with his wife, associate professor Indra Aamodt Strand, he is behind the idea and establishment of Medpartner.

Dag og Indra

The founders of Medpartner

Professional supporter and health professional supervisor

The background and motivation for the founding of Medpartner is a recognition that many people feel powerless in the face of a competence-heavy Health Service. Patients are unsure of diagnoses and treatment options, and have a general feeling of being sent back and forth in a confusing and inaccessible system. They need professional help, but do not quite know where to turn. Although much is good in the Norwegian health care system, expert assistance may sometimes be necessary to move forward.

Medpartner offers to meet this need. Our ambition is to be a supporter and health professional supervisor for patients and relatives in their meeting with the health service in Norway. We have joined a large group of the country’s most skilled medical specialists in a number of health disciplines, and they are ready to help patients who want to get a new assessment of their case.

We can help you with this

New medical assessment
We appraise medical treatment to find out if it is in line with good medical practice. In the event of an error, we help patients further.

Choice of treatment site and therapist
We know which treatment sites and therapists have a high level of expertise with regard to your illness or injury. Together we find the best treatment alternative within the scheme’s Free choice of treatment and Free choice of hospital.

Help with compensation claims
We assist with medical and in some cases also legal expert work in patient compensation claim cases.

Other medical help
No cases are alike, and new issues are constantly emerging. We provide health professional assistance that enables you to make the best choices.

Our goal

An even better healthcare system

Overall, this gives Norway a better health service and increased security for you as a patient or relative – in addition to reduced costs for society as a result of fewer incorrect treatments and less work-related absenteeism.


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